Shipping Store

We provide mail and package shipping services for the entire Northeastern community.


7 Speare Commons – Lower Level   


 716 Columbus Ave  40 CP – Lower Level

  • A valid Husky ID must be presented to use this service.
  • NO CASH. Husky Dollars, debit and credit cards are the only accepted methods of payment.
  • We sell books of (20) stamps. Postage for individual letters can be printed, in addition, postage can be printed for almost any amount, however, item must be presented at the customer service desk for processing.
  • A limited amount of supplies are available for sale. This includes various sizes of flat and padded envelopes, boxes, tape and bubble wrap.
  • The customer is responsible for packaging and sealing the parcel.
  • International Services – Documents Only. Due to custom regulations we recommend using the UPS store on Huntington Ave or The United States Post Office on Mass Ave for all other personal international shipping.
  • All overnight delivery purchases must be made by 1 PM, Monday – Friday to ensure next day delivery. Shipping purchases made on Saturday will not be picked up to go out for delivery until Monday or the next business day.
  • We do NOT process packages via FedEx nor can we accept outgoing prepaid FedEx packages.